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Solving the mystery of workplace health: The story of Hawaii National Bank

Sherlock Holmes once said “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” Despite living in the late 1800s, the great detective (and creator Arthur Conan Doyle) realized data was the key to solving any good mystery.

Today, many companies are struggling to solve mysteries related to workplace health. Is my health care benefits spending working? Are my employees getting healthier? More productive? Is there a group more at risk because they haven’t gotten the appropriate preventive care? These are questions many company leaders and benefits managers haven’t been able to answer…until now.

Hawaii National Bank prides itself on providing highly personalized service to its customers, yet like many other businesses, the company struggled to provide personalized health care benefits coverage to its own employees. The company reached out to Healthentic to gain insight into the types of conditions its employees and their dependents were going through. Using its Population Health Dashboard (PhD), Healthentic found Hawaii National’s employees had a high rate of diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. With this knowledge, Hawaii National raised awareness around overall population health by sharing the data internally, partnering with a local hospital system to ensure workplace health improvement and implementing changes to its coverage plans.

Derek Kanehira, VP of Human Resources, Hawaii National, says Healthentic enabled his company to start a conversation about population health. That conversation has been a big turning point for Hawaii National, and allows them to see why wellness matters.

While big data has already revolutionized industries like real estate and consumer technology, it’s only now impacting health care and Healthentic is leading the way. To learn more about the Population Health Dashboard and how it can answer important health questions for your company, have a look around our website.