Employers, consultants, brokers, carriers and vendors want to improve employee health and wellness, but measuring success is not easy.  The industry has suffered too long without the ability to truly assess the return on health improvement and wellness activities.  What’s needed is a cost effective, easy to use solution that saves time and produces results.


The Wellness Decision engine saves time and measures the impact on health management.  It gives employers the power to use all of their claims data to measure, plan, implement, and track wellness activities.

How are you measuring wellness? Are you seeing visible changes in your employee health and cost in your claims?

Consultants & Brokers

The Wellness Decision engine improves  collaboration with employers through strategic and tactical planning for employee health improvement.  Data measured by the platform creates a deeper understanding of an organization’s health populations and identifies both a client’s greatest risks and greatest wellness opportunities.


The Wellness Decision engine is tailored with reporting products and streamlined data feeds.  We enable the delivery of guidance to employers and their consultants to improve their use and understanding of  wellness tools and benefit products.

Do you support employers efforts to control health costs?

Do you support employers efforts to control health costs?

Wellness Vendors

For the first time there’s a product that presents  an undeniable need for your wellness solutions to employers. Join Healthentic and gain greater exposure to more employers during their critical decision making process. Sit back as we match your expertise to the needs of your customers.

Join us for a one-on-one webinar where you can find out how to become a recognized vendor in the Wellness Solution Program.

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