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Searching for Health Insights

Every company is concerned about their employees. After all, they are their number one asset. So when Servco was looking to find insights into employee health, they used the Population Health Dashboard to find and answer the questions that matter most. These new insights enable Servco to work towards a data-driven health strategy that is designed just for them.

Crafting customized insurance policies is Servo’s business, so they know as well as anyone how important it is to tailor each aspect of health, human capital, and wellness programming so the fit is just right. With the Population Health Dashboard (PhD) they are able to get deep insights into the health of their population, honing in on important issues that they can actually address.

The PhD is giving them answers to the questions that matter for their company. And they are using the insights to drive action at the very top of the organization. Jeff Bell, Chief Financial Officer, is deeply connected to the organization’s efforts to improve the health and happiness of every member of the Servco family. This high level support provides the sponsorship needed to make a difference. Not only that, this level of leadership’s commitment demonstrates Servco’s understanding of the all-too-important connection between health, well being, and productivity.

“Healthentic’s population health tool makes all of our claims data available in one place, but more importantly the sorted data provides Servco with insight into chronic conditions within our population, which we anticipate will help us identify opportunities to take action to help our employees better manage those conditions.”

Jeff Bell, Chief Financial Officer

With new insights into their key health issues, Servco can redouble its efforts to focus on the most critical areas of health. This has enabled them to both address the most pressing chronic conditions and to look at other areas where they might prevent poor outcomes in the future–keeping those who are healthy today, healthy tomorrow.

As they start to execute on their data-driven health strategy, Servco will also be able to take advantage of the Population Health Dashboard’s tracking features which allows employers to visualize their actions against their data.

“Through the event tracking feature, we plan to overlay significant initiatives on particular data points and see how that data changes over time,” noted Mr. Bell.

All told, the Population Health Dashboard is helping Servco measure and track their population health efforts through simple, easy-to-use reporting that delivers insights from day one.