What are employers and brokers saying?


“At the end of the day it comes down to per member, per month cost. If all of your wellness programs and costs are not beating trend, then you have to do a re-think on your strategy. This will help.”

Glenn Haskell, Benefits Manager at New Balance


“Their CFO was gushing which never happens… it went as well as you could possibly want in terms of moving an employer to action.”

John Wallen, Managing Partner at DiMartino Associates


“I love the depth of this, I love the action plans, this exceeds my expectations… and that is not easy to do.”

Judi McMullen, Vice president, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cuyahoga Community College


“We are really excited about how valuable and actionable this information is, and it energizes us to bring it to our clients.

Jim Scammon, Executive VP at Granite Group


“With a much clearer understanding of our population health risks, I am confident our strategy will have a great chance of succeeding. This will help take us to the next level.”

Greg Howe, Wellness Manager at Lincoln Industries


“The data is amazing. I want to get in a play with that online tool myself. Great stuff. I’ve never seen data displayed this way. This is awesome.”

Jef Veilleux, CFO at Goodwill


“The kind of data and analysis Healthentic’s tools provide have been a game changer for the clients we serve. Now we have the information to create specific and actionable initiatives that deliver real outcomes.”

Mim Minichiello, President, Employee Benefits, New England Region at HUB International

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