Opioid Report

This report positions you and your providers to be influencers in the fight against opioid misuse.

  • Identify and track prescribing patterns using established guidelines
  • Target outreach to educate providers on best practices
  • See the demographics of affected members

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Dental Action Report (DAR)

The DAR makes data meaningful and actionable for groups of all sizes. We make it easy for your sales and account teams to retain and win new business.

  • Get answers to oral health, risk, and utilization in one place
  • Compare groups with state and national benchmarks
  • Identify opportunities for target outreach and plan design

“We love the tool and it’s elevated the dialogue that we’ve had, with our customers of all sizes…”

– Dennis Wilson, CEO, DDNJ

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Plan Action Report (PAR)

Dentist and Nurse working with Child

The PAR presents a clear and objective picture of your provider network and book of business.

  • Measure provider performance with a variety of data-driven metrics
  • Target outreach to providers with the greatest opportunities
  • Track oral health for the entire book of business

“The PAR is a valuable complement to the algorithms we’ve developed in our Utilization Management Program at DDWA, and has helped us to prevent waste and overpayment in new areas of our business.”

– Dr. Kyle Dosch, Dental Director, DDWA

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Population Health Dashboard (PhD)

The PhD shows you how to take insights and turn them into action. We collect, map, and aggregate healthcare data from carriers all over the country.

  • See full view of population health and costs
  • Identify cohorts for outreach
  • Measure results and monitor the effectiveness of campaigns

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