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Diagnose & Prescribe Enterprise Population Health

Population Health Dashboard (PhD)

One place to measure and analyze population health

Built for Benefit Managers
Healthentic designs products specifically for employers and benefit managers. Healthentic started by focusing on understanding what it takes to make health and benefit decisions and we haven't looked back.
More Signal, Less Noise
There aren’t enough hours in a day to dig through all the data you get from your vendors. With Healthentic reporting, insights are delivered at liftoff.
Ready for Action
Healthentic reporting shows you how to take insights and turn them into action. Hone in on conditions and utilization that you can do something about. Actions you can take to address your biggest health issues are a click away.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Employers and benefit managers reap the benefits from our focused approach. Our products are streamlined for employers, reducing the total cost of ownership for you.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One place to measure and analyze population health
  • Full view of population health and costs
  • Simple, easy to understand reports
  • Track success of plan design, wellness programs, and health initiatives
  • Tracking down to the individual level to create targeted outreach and tailored programs

What Customers Are Saying

"No other engine on the market today helps me get quickly to the health interventions that can make a difference. Prior to this I would have been forced to consider more generally oriented programs like weight loss, smoking cessation, and exercise. Now we know what to do with much greater precision."

Mim Minichiello, Senior Partner, EBS Capstone

"I LOVE what you are doing. The ability to view our data from the on-site health center we operate at Lincoln Industries combined with claims provides an invaluable and complete view of the health of their population."

Tracey Moran, Vice President of Marketing, Marathon Health

"Healthentic and the Population Health Dashboard is a valuable tool that helps us look and understand where we should focus our efforts. With the use of the PhD, I am confident we will be able to make better informed decisions on where to spend our time and resources."

Greg Howe, Wellness Manager, Lincoln Industries

"Healthentic provides an easy to use tool that takes the guess work out of identifying the health conditions that are most prevalent in our workforce."

Derek Kanehira, Vice President & Director of Human Resources, Hawaii National Bank

"Having critical data sets in one user friendly environment allows us to engage population health needs with precision and confidence."

Tom McCormick, Senior Partner, EBS Capstone

What are you doing to solve your healthcare problems?

Healthentic can help. Learn how measurement makes the difference.

Dental Action Report

Oral health is the gateway to overall health. The Dental Action Report shows you where to take action.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One place to measure and analyze oral health
  • Actionable insights for dental health
  • National and state benchmarking
  • Understand preventive service usage


What Customers Are Saying

"The report helps us with our targeting strategies. We can find out if there are different parts of our population, whether it be different parts of the country, different age groups, that aren’t taking advantage of preventive oral care or need certain procedures done. It makes sure we stay relevant and effective."

Ricardo Rojas, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics