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Step 1: Keep the Healthy Healthy

The first priority for any wellness program is to keep healthy people healthy. The best returns on health are found by preventing the movement of your members into higher risk health categories. With the Wellness Decision™ engine, you’ll see your organizations health movements in and out of the each category. As seen in the image, this organization’s largest movement is from the Healthy category, where 38% of the Healthy population Got Worse. When you see this kind of change in your organization, you can click to view the category details to learn more about the driving factors behind the change.

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Track Condition MetricsStep 2: Understand Your Organization’s Health

The Health Goals page of the Wellness Decision™ engine shows an overview for each health category of a population. This overview details how many members stayed the same or “got worse” as well as shows you the most common risks and conditions for each category. When you see the groups in each category, you are able to dig deeper into specific programs and methods to help your employees not only get well, but stay well.

Step 3: Identify Risk and Condition Group Trending

With the tracking pages you get to see trends of different conditions and their associated costs over time. This allows you to easily see which populations are improving or getting worse. Programs associated with each condition give you the power to slow and reverse negative health trends.


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Step 4: Take Back Control of Your Population’s Wellness

Finally, begin to implement programs to positively impact your organization’s health.  Each recommended initiative shows the number of people impacted, research behind the program, specific success metrics, and the customized documents you need to sell the program internally.


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What to Do Next

If you would like to learn more, talk to us! We'd love to schedule a walk-through of the platform with you. See how the Wellness Decision™ engine utilizes your data to produce the results you need.



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