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Only 10% of Employees Get Flu Shots, Analysis Finds

SEATTLE, October 16, 2014—Healthentic, an analytics company that easily identifies health savings for employers, released an analysis today, highlighting the very low percentage of employees who get flu vaccinations&emdash;a proven way to prevent the illness.

“October is the start of the active flu season in the U.S. and the CDC says it’s the best time to get vaccinated,” said Sean Gallivan, Chief Operating Officer of Healthentic. “It only takes a few minutes and the benefits are tremendous. Employers can reduce health care costs and the number of sick days lost to the flu. Employees can protect their health. Get vaccinated.”

Healthentic’s analysis of 27 companies found the average cost for a single flu-related outpatient office visit totaled $122 during the 2012-13 flu season. The average cost for each flu-related emergency room visit totaled $581, and the average cost for a flu-related hospitalization totaled $4,001. In one instance, an employer incurred $28,000 dollars in hospital expenses resulting from a single case of flu. While extreme, this shows taking the time to get a flu shot can have a huge payoff for both employees and employers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), employers lose a total of nearly $6.2 billion to seasonal influenza. Experts agree the most effective method of preventing flu infection is early vaccination, yet Healthentic found the overall vaccination rate of employees was only 10 percent. While the CDC reports higher vaccination rates, a majority of Americans still don’t receive flu vaccinations. Every year a number of children in the U.S. die from the flu. During the 2013-2014 flu season, more than 100 flu-related deaths of children were reported and 90 percent of those children were unvaccinated. In the United States, the average annual death toll for the flu is near 23,500.

To increase vaccination rates, Healthentic recommends employers educate employees about the value of vaccination (refer to and provide on-site vaccination..

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