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Healthentic Avoidable ER Analysis in the News

We almost always get questions from our customers about their Emergency Room usage. We often hear questions like these: Is ER use too high? Are people going to ER for the right reasons? Is there something we can do to encourage people to get better or more affordable services from their primary care doctor or the urgent care center?

Knowing that this is almost always a topic of interest for employers, our research team set out to understand if we could learn which ER visits might be potentially avoidable or could be treated in a different, more affordable clinical setting. They were able to apply an algorithm to our database and come up with some interesting figures.

Here are links to the coverage we’ve received so far.

10% of ED visits are avoidable and could save 43.8B a year

Jennifer’s article on Healthentic’s avoidable ER visits data describes the ways in which companies could be saving money, starting with providing patients with better education. Jennifer included the quote from Sean Gallivan from the press releases.

Analysis shows scope of avoidable employee ER visits

Joseph’s article covers Healthentic’s ER analysis and uses it to illustrate the ways in which companies could be saving money. He indicates Healthentic’s advice of ensuring that employees are fully aware of more affordable health options such as nurse telephone lines and other urgent care alternatives.

Download the Avoidable ER Visits white paper.