Taking action is the future
of health analytics.

It’s Your Money and People

We save employers money
by finding actionable opportunities for
better health and smarter spending.

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Is Your Healthcare Plan Optimized?

  • How many people in your population aren’t taking their high blood pressure medication? Why does this matter?
  • How effective has your campaign been to reduce this risk?
  • Are you already paying your carrier to do these services?
  • Why are people going to the ER?
  • How much did you pay for flu shots last year?
  • How many of your members have a potential opiate problem?

Most companies have no idea.

It has been too hard and expensive to find out.

Healthentic is leading the revolution. We find real hotspots in your population – the people driving 50% of cost. We tell you what to do for them and what it is worth if you do.

No more guessing or using benchmarks. Real insights. Real people. Real dollars.

How it works

Four steps to optimization

1. Healthentic gathers and maps the data that matters.

We work with providers all across the Unites States to collect and map the data in order to precisely track, measure and identify specific actionable opportunities to capture savings and improve the health of your employees.

2. Healthentic does the analysis to find specific and actionable ways to get more health for less money.

We find the small group of people who are about to drive 50% of cost. Many of the conditions that drive these costs are manageable. Our team of analysts tells you what to do for them and what it is worth if you do. We also identify plan design change opportunities and help you manage your vendor programs and costs.

3. You decide and take action.

Healthentic puts you in the driver’s seat to make informed recommendations, take effective actions and hold the health and wellness providers accountable for making a difference.

4. Healthentic provides independent measurement for improvement.

We measure actual outcomes— which is what matters—so you can continually improve programs and targeting. Others use benchmarks, activities or engagement to measure “success.”

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