Happy Employees are Highly Engaged Employees

Is it coincidence that the first day of spring and International Happiness Day both fall on the same day? Probably not. Everyone knows that there are many psychological effects that go along with the longer and warmer days of summer, but as an employer, did you know that happiness and workplace engagement go together like […]

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Healthentic ranks on the GeekWire 200

Hooray! We are ranked on the GeekWire 200 – a leaderboard comprised of innovative and trending tech companies in the Seattle area! In February 2014, Healthentic ranked 187 out of 200 – a jump of ten placements from January! Please follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to help us continue our quest […]

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Got Food? Healthy Eating Options for Every Office

How many of you have a recurring food-related event at work? Bagel Fridays, after-hours “soda talks”, happy hours, entertaining clients at a fancy eatery, lunch and learn presentations, meetings fueled by donuts and coffee, and working lunches are common employee favorites. Even with the best intentions, sticking to a healthy diet can be futile when […]

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December Health Observances

Happy Holidays from Healthentic! As 2013 wraps to a close, you might feel like putting your wellness initiatives on hold until the next year begins. Keep the momentum rolling and use one of this month’s health observances to motivate your team to end the year on a healthy note! Need inspiration or help? Contact Healthentic […]

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November Health Observances

We are all guilty of relating this month with turkey, pumpkin pie, and the kick-off to holiday season. Fortunately, there is a cornucopia of health and wellness initiatives that you can promote to your group this month in order to keep health and wellness a top priority during the upcoming holiday season. Need inspiration? Contact Healthentic today! […]

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Seeing the Whole Picture: Eye Health and Overall Well-Being

Going to the dentist twice a year and obtaining an annual physical is common practice for most Americans, but how often do we visit the optometrist? Eye care professionals recommend that the general population sees their eye doctor at least once every three years, but many others are encouraged to visit more frequently. These populations […]

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October Health Observances

Each month gives you an opportunity to create a unique wellness program for your population to learn and grow from. If you are stumped for ideas, check out what health observances are being promoted this month and get creative! Need help? Reach out to Healthentic for inspiration, motivation, and curriculums to get your team moving! MONTHLY OBSERVANCES  […]

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Super September: this Month’s Health Observances

September is packed full of warm autumn days, back to school adventures, and fall produce. It is also chalked full of noteworthy health and wellness observances that you can use to build your workplace wellness initiatives around! Contact your Healthentic representative for information on creative strategies to integrate these observances into your strategy!   SEPTEMBER […]

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Six Sneaky Tricks to Squeeze in a Workplace Workout

 We are obsessed with corporate wellness initiatives here at Healthentic, and we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone – and anyone – to be able to work in a quick workout during their day. Of course, we believe it is easier as a group, but if you want to go it […]

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Healthentic at Native American 2013 Benefits Congress

Hey, Arizona! Healthentic is presenting at the upcoming Native American Health 2013 Benefits Congress later this week! The Native Health Group is sponsoring the Native American Health 2013 Benefits Conference on August 8-9, 2013 for members of the benefits and wellness industries. The conference is being held at the Fort McDowell Radisson Resort in Fort […]

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