About Healthentic

Diagnose & Prescribe Enterprise Population Health

Company Milestones

  • Healthentic Founded

    October 2009

    As Dental Medical Analytic Corp. (DMAC), we started working on our first generation oral health reporting product. The company was renamed Healthentic in February 2010.

  • Dental Action Report 1.0 Launched

    May 2010

    After iterating through experiments, prototypes, beta tests and conducting clinical, user, and data research, we launched the first version of the Dental Action Report oral health analytics solution.

  • Early Development of the Population Health DashboardTM

    April 2011

    The first steps in development of the Population Health DashboardTM (PhD) started with continued customer, data, and clinical research.

  • Dental Medical Suite 1.0 Launched

    September 2011

    Our integrated dental-medical analytics solution became available for users of the Dental Action Report.

  • Population Health DashboardTM Beta Launched

    February 2012

    A beta version the Population Health DashboardTM analytics product was launched under the name Wellness Decision Engine.

  • Dental Action Report 2.0 Launched

    June 2014

    The second version of our Dental Action Report was launched with an integrated feature set from the Dental Medical Suite to improve the customer experience with a single product offering. Now available in Standard and Premium versions.

  • Population Health DashboardTM 1.0 Launched

    June 2014

    Fully featured Population Health Dashboard TM launched including integrated medical, pharmacy, and dental reporting; supports extending analysis to Health Risk Assessment, Biometrics, and Productivity data. Additionally, this version includes event and program tracking. Name changed to Population Health Dashboard.