Why Healthentic?

More health for less money.

Why Healthentic?

People are the most treasured asset for any organization. They are the difference between success and failure. Employers want their people to be happy, healthy, and more productive.

One of the biggest investments an employer makes is healthcare. When Starbucks famously spends more on health insurance than on coffee, you know you aren’t alone. Organizations spend millions on healthcare, year after year.

Despite the millions, questions still exist:

  • What are all of these dollars doing for our workforce?
  • Are people getting healthier? More productive?
  • Is there a group at risk because they haven’t received the appropriate preventive care?

Healthentic was formed to help organizations answer these difficult questions.

“No other engine on the market today helps me get quickly to the health interventions that can make a difference. Prior to this I would have been forced to consider more generally oriented programs like weight loss, smoking cessation, and exercise. Now we know what to do with much greater precision.”

Mim Minichiello, HUB International

The fact is most organizations struggle to understand their population’s health. It’s just too hard.

Each employer has many players ranging from insurance carriers to wellness vendors. Some want to be measured, others don’t. Even if everyone wanted to work together the data stream is daunting—medical, pharmacy, dental, health risk assessment, biometrics, engagement, productivity, and more.

That’s in stark contrast to the medical advances in specific individual health and treatment. In an era where you can map a person’s genome for $1,000, employers—the people who are paying—are stuck in a “take-two-aspirin-and-call-me-in-the-morning” world. At Healthentic our mission is to change lives by bringing population health management into the 21st Century with data-driven insights.

The End of Launch and Hope—Specific Targeting

Using industry-standard HEDIS guidelines and taking a cue from a clinician’s know-how to provide a full view of a population’s health, costs, and areas of action.

Healthentic tracks all the way down to the individual—while maintaining HIPPA compliance and scrubbing away PHI—so you can reach the people that matter most. A targeted approach can help you avoid launching expensive programs for your entire population and instead focus on those who need to take action. You no longer need to leave it at “launch and hope.”

Power of Data

We believe deeply in the power of data to improve population health. Our founders came from the health informatics industry. They partnered with dental insurance companies in five states to create Healthentic. Now thousands of companies across the US rely on our technology. Our customers include banks, hotels, hospitals, insurance companies, manufacturers, sporting goods companies, and more.

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