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About Healthentic


Healthentic began with three individuals all with a passion for health care.  Our original mission was to explore the link between medical and dental data.  As interesting as this link was, we soon discovered Benefit Managers were overwhelmed with the greater challenge of controlling healthcare costs and outcomes.

Although controlling healthcare costs seemed an impossible mission, the early days of Healthentic were guided by Benefit Managers. We took every spare minute from any benefits person who was willing to talk to us. We conducted hundreds of interviews in person, on the phone, through surveys, at conferences, on blogs, in hallways, and in parking lots.

During our research interviews, we met a myriad of benefit people who were at the end of their rope. We met a Benefit Manager whose face was red with crying from the ridicule a CFO had just handed out.  We met passionate Benefit Managers who proposed wonderful wellness campaigns year after year, only to have every one vetoed.  We met HR people at wellness conferences who had to pay for their attendance themselves.  We met countless benefits people who had launched well-planned wellness initiatives, but had no way to monitor or measure the results. These people had little support, no budget, and no access to data, but were asked to stop the tsunami of rising healthcare costs.

In response to these experiences and the needs of benefit managers everywhere, we established our vision and set out to build a tool to revolutionize the process.

Thus, Healthentic was born.

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