Empowering Employers to Make Informed Decisions on Wellness

Online Whole Health Platform That Goes Beyond Reporting

Wellness Decision™ engine integrates health data for companies with employees 500+, allowing you to see a picture of your organization's health, find and address problem areas using proven initiatives tailored to you

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Your Questions as a Benefits Professional

What can we do about our medical spend increase year over year?

Will my investments in my wellness efforts really pay off?

How do I explain our claims report numbers to my executives?

The engine helps you identify conditions that are driving your costs. Beyond the analysis, it presents wellness initiatives targeted to address those specific conditions.

Based on your population and your data, the engine suggests which initiatives will be most effective in impacting your organization's health and costs.

The dashboard gives you and your executives a story behind your organization's numbers. Start by seeing members considered healthy, at risk or having chronic disease.

We have interviewed 138 benefit managers to understand your biggest questions and have created the Wellness Decision™ engine. See how we are changing health care and what we can do for you.

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Healthentic helps you make more informed decisions about employer health and wellness. Find out how we can help you tailor your next wellness effort, whether you are starting your first wellness initiative or curious to find out if your efforts have paid off.

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